build, sweat, connect
nerdy hustle muscle multi-day braincation cowork sessions.
U in?


Exact locations and dates to be announced soon!
(after the selection of initial participants & first set of interviews)

Imagine a temporary hack house hack sprint but more organized-connecty and with emphasis on the physical too.

FITNESS FOCUS FRENS -FFF ... the triple F. so gud!

FITNESS / sweat

"Next port: Gainsville, Cardiolado!"

Early wake-ups

No more phone in bed.

Rise & shine with the crew and start moving.

‍Group Workouts

Sweat with the squad. Guided team workout sessions to get your mind right before and during work sessions.

Functional training

Improve your strength, cardio and mobility.

Time In Nature

At least 3 per day. Ditch the desk, swap screen time for green time.

FOCUS / build

"Ship ship ship your ideas"

Single Target Days

Pick that one big thing that's on your mind, make it your project for the next few days and tackle it head-on, while everything else is being taken care of.

Shared Focus Sessions

Engage in group focus sessions where everyone is fully immersed in their task. 

Real G’s move in silence, like lasagna.


Share what you did at the end of the day


Work on your pitching skills, get grilled & get better!


"The only ships that doesn’t sink"

Quality Social

Meet and connect with cool people, swap stories, share moments.

Tech-Free Evenings

Post-dinner hours dedicated to social activities, resting and introductions to non tech hobby activity side quests.

‍Deep Dive Discussions

Dissect in-depth topics with passion! In groups! Together!

Skill Swap Sessions

Exchange skills with others, teaching something you know and learning something new in return.

When & Where

Exact locations and dates to be announced soon!
(after the selection of initial participants & first set of interviews)

Iberian Peninsula Meet


European Winter Session


Asian Focus Gathering



Price will be determined after location is set, and will vary for each event.
Follow the process below to get in:
Step 1
Contact organizer Cso on socials (link and deets below)
Step 2
Answer the first set of questions, like:
 -where you are located
- where are you willing to travel
- what activities are you most interested in
Step 3
Wait for spot confirmation.

An event will happen when the first batch of people align on location and preferences.

Optional: take part in second set of more in depth questions
Step 4
if in, there will be a pre-payment of 250-600 EUR depending on

1 - the type of event you will attend
2 -what time you signed up at.

Earlier signups = better discounts.

*downpayment can be refunded any time, no questions asked, until confirmed attendance for the event, or in case the events get canceled or delayed
- early access to events
- best discount options

- Optional: Participate in the process, get interviewed extensively, help shape the future of these events

DM me with "proto crew" on IG or twitter to apply & discuss details!
Announced after
- the first set of interviews is completed
- preferences are in
- location & partnerships are locked in

Coming SOON
Final sales to fill up spots, if we still have availability
Coming SOON


Hi I'm Cso

I've been organizing events in various forms since forever, and I've been doing it more seriously for over a decade.

Right now I'm planning on launching a new series, but before I do, I want to interview a few people, learn more and and get some commitment at the idea stage.

For the first events I'll be very hands on, so we'll have to become closely acquainted.

Read thorough the details, check out examples of previous events below, and come say hi and book your spot on socials


Previous events

2020-2022 Lisbonerds Series

nerdy event series in Lisbon.

2019-2020 Hackagu Series

founded hackagu, weekly hacking gettogether in Canggu, Bali

2019 Bali Design Meetups

meetup for designers to share ideas, problems, work, get feedback, collab

2015 - Creative Mingle Series

Designers sharing portfolios, getting feedback, mingling

2015 - Yama Training

Functional training sessions in the mountains with groups of 12 people

2015 - Kids Hackaton

Kids learning to progrram with scrath, makey makeys - in partnership with Hakidemia

2014 - Ignite style talks

Sharing interesting stories in 10 min or less

2014 - Stimmul Event Series

Parties and cultural popup events

2013 - Wunder Event series

Popup Parties, mini festivals, artsy gatherings

Fresh splashes of invigorating stimmuli ahead.

Ready to jump in?